For everyday use, I like foundation with light coverage because I want my skin to look natural. My other requirements for foundation are:

  • Matte or velvet finish.

  • Suitable for combination skin.

  • Does not set into pores.

  • Does not emphasize dry patches.

So my list is quite long, and I was looking for a perfect foundation for about six months. After trying many different ones, I have finally found one that I like. It is Camera Ready CC Cream from Smashbox.




The cream comes packaged in a plastic tube that closes tightly so that the product does not leak. CC cream has a convenient dispenser that allows you to squeeze out a tiny amount. There are 30 ml. (1 fl. oz.) of the product, and it is made in Canada. The cream is not tested on animals.

It has broad spectrum SPF 30. It is really good, but still requires a moisturizer with sunscreen for summertime if you want to protect your skin from pigmentation.


Description and Texture

Camera ready CC cream has a light smell, but it does not bother me while wearing it it. It has a creamy texture without being too liquidy. And that is exactly what I was looking for. I have noticed that liquid foundations tend to set into one’s pores and emphasize them, but it does not happen with products with a thicker texture. This offering from Smashbox is lightweight and not oily.

It provides light coverage—more than a tinted moisturizer, but less than ordinary foundation. It is very easy to blend, which I like to I do with my fingers. I would not recommend that you apply it with a beauty blender because it will soak the product and there will be nothing left on your face.

I like that CC cream does not emphasize dry patches. You know that there are some foundations that do it. For example, I tested Camera ready BB water and BB cream from Smashbox, and I did not like either of them. The first one was too liquidy, in my opinion, setting into pores and emphasizing dry ares. The latter one also made my skin look flaky, and it had a satin finish, which is not good for my oily areas.


My skin is very light, and I have CC cream in fair/light shade. I tried fair shade, but it was too light for me. The foundation may appear too peachy on the swatch, but when I blend it, it matches my skin really well. It has a warm undertone and a matte velvet finish. I have combi skin, and I think that this cream is good for people with normal, slightly oily, or slightly dry skin. Now it is winter in my city; it is cold and windy. My face has dry areas around the mouth, so the foundation feels a bit dry.



I have some redness on my cheeks, blackheads, and enlarged pores. Also, from time to time pimples appear on my face. Smashbox CC cream gives me light coverage. It does not mask redness and pimples completely, but it makes my skin tone more even and hides blackheads. I use concealer to mask pimples. The cream does not set into pores, but they are still a bit visible. A pore filler will solve this problem. I did not put any primer on this photo. A little tip if you want to hide pores, apply foundation in a circular motion whether with a brush of fingers.

The foundation wears well throughout the day. My very oily nose starts to shine in three hours. Oil absorbing sheets help with it. I used Photo Finish Foundation Primer Light from Smashbox, but I did not see any difference in terms of blending or wear time. So for everyday use I don’t like primers.


10/10. I will definitely buy it again.

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