Honestly, I was not going to buy red eye shadow. But I fell in love with Ruddy from Mac. My green eyes really pop up with this red eye shadow, and I love it. I could not resist my temptation and purchased the shadow. I played around with it and tried different looks. Here is my red eye shadow makeup tutorial.

Red Eye Shadow Makeup Tutorial

Cosmetics that I used for my Red eye shadow makeup:

1) Mac eyeshadows: Rule (orange), Soft Brown (light brown), Embark (dark brown), and All that Glitters. I have a review about All that Glitters and Naked Lunch.

2) Venus eye shadow from Urban Decay.

3) NYX Retractable eyeliner in Aqua Green. It is a wonderful pencil to use on one’s waterline because it is waterproof and will not fade.

4) Clinique High Impact Mascara (I have a review about it)

5) Eylure Vegas Nay Bronze Beauty Lashes

6) Estee Lauder lip gloss in Stolen Kisses

All brushes that I used are from Zoeva:

221 Luxe soft crease (for blending)

230 Luxe Pencil

234 Luxe Smoky shader

Ideally, you need one more pencil brush and one more blending brush, but I only have those three.

I am using red, orange, and brown eye shadows for my make up. Actually, you can use any colors you want. You can replace Ruddy with any other metallic eye shadow, and it will look good. The main thing is to follow the steps and apply shadows in the right order. It also important to use 2-3 matte eye shadows for the crease; it will help you to blend shadow beautifully and get a sophisticated look.

Step 1

Here, I did my brow make up. I used Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo in both Dark Brown and Ash Brown (I have a review about it). And I applied NYX Wonder Pencil underneath by brow (also see my review).

In addition, I filled in the space between my lashes. Then I applied a concealer on my lid. In this case, I used Becca Aqua Luminous concealer (see my review).

Step 2

Next, using Zoeva 221, I apply orange eye shadow in my crease and blend it.

Step 3

I apply and blend light brown eye shadow in my crease with Zoeva 221. Using Zoeva 230, I apply the same shadow on my lower lid.

Step 4

I apply dark brown eye shadow on my outer corner with Zoeva 230.

Step 5

Zoeva 221 still has some brown shadow left on it. So, using it, I blend the boundaries of the dark shadow. I am trying to blend the dark color towards the outer corner as well as the crease. If I feel that there is not enough shadow, I pet the brush into Soft Brown shadow and keep blending.

Also, with Zoeva 230 I apply Embark on my lower lid.

Step 6

I make Zoeva 234 wet and then apply Ruddy on the upper lid. This makes the color very bright and sparkling. Instead of water, you can use a makeup-fixing spray, but water works well for me.

Step 7

With Zoeva 221, I blend the boundaries of the red eye shadow. On the waterline, I apply NYX retractable pencil.

In the inner corner, I apply All that Glitters and Venus right on it.

Step 8

I put one coat of mascara on my lashes, and then add lashes from Eylure. Then, I apply mascara again to make sure that my lashes look good. And voila!

Red Eye Shadow Makeup Tutorial

Red Eye Shadow Makeup Tutorial

Red Eye Shadow Makeup Tutorial

Here are all steps together.

Red Eye Shadow Makeup Tutorial

Enjoy your makeup. 🙂

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