Paula's Choice Resist Anti-aging Clear Skin Hydrator

I feel like before reviewing Paula’s Choice Resist Anti-aging Clear Skin Hydrator I need to tell you, guys, about my skin type. I have a combination skin. My forehead is oily, and my nose is very oily. My chin is a bit oily especially during the summer. I have blackheads on my nose and forehead. So I was looking for a light lotion that provides me enough hydration and does not clog my pores. I ordered samples of different creams from Paula’s Choice and ended up buying Clear Skin Hydrator. I also tested Earth Sourced Moisturizer, and it gave me pimples on the nose. Probably it happened because it has lots of oils. So I do not recommend it to people with combi/oily skin.

Paula's Choice Resist Anti-aging Clear Skin Hydrator


The cream is packed in a plastic bottle that is quite heavy. So it is not a very good idea to put it in your luggage when traveling (especially if you want to have a lighter case). Unfortunately, Paula’s Choice does not have the lotion in a travel size.

Paula's Choice Resist Anti-aging Clear Skin Hydrator

The dispenser of the cream is really convenient and easy to use. It gives you whatever amount of the product you want, from the tiniest to the biggest.

Once the cream is open, you have 12 months to use it.

Texture and Other Characteristics

The texture of the hydrator is between cream and gel. It is not liquidy and not very thick. It does not feel oily, sticky, or heavy. The cream has a funny smell. It reminds me of something sweet. It is not strong, and you cannot feel it when the cream is on your face.

The lotion has a light orange color.

Paula's Choice Resist Anti-aging Clear Skin Hydrator texture

Review and my Experience

I find that Paula’s Choice Skin Hydrator moisturizes my combi skin well. I use it during the nighttime. The cream absorbs fast, and it has matte finish. However, it is not a mattifying cream. This means that it will not keep your face matte for a very long time. The lotion does not clog my pores, and I have no breakouts from it.

The cream has many good ingredients—for example, vitamin C. But I’d like to see more antioxidants in it. To boost my skin with more vitamins I use a serum. I took a photo of the list of the ingredients. Paula’s Choice website also has it as well as the description of the most significant ones.

If you guys remember, some time ago Paula’s Choice had Hydralight Moisture-infusing Lotion, and many people liked it. I have it and can compare these products. In my opinion, Resist Anti-Aging Clear Skin Hydrator is better. It moisturizes the skin better. After Hydralight Moisture-Infusing Lotion my skin felt tight, and it did not help me with the peeling. Speaking of the texture, Hydralight Moisture-infusing Lotion is quite liquidy, and Clear Skin Hydrator is thicker.

Paula's Choice Resist Anti-aging Clear Skin Hydrator


9/10. It is a very good cream, but I would like to see more beneficial ingredients in it.

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