I was looking for some inexpensive pencil to highlight my eyebrows, and after reading reviews I purchased NYX Wonder Pencil. I used it for some time and found out about its pros and cons. Here is my review and swatches.


NYX Wonder Pencil Description

NYX Wonder Pencil has three shades; mine is in light shade. It has a standard design and is made of wood. Although it smells like wood, you really cannot tell while wearing it.

The pencil has a creamy texture, being not too soft or too hard, so it is easy to apply and blend it. But it is difficult to make it very sharp.



NYX suggests using the pencil for concealing, eye brightening, and as a lip liner. In my opinion, it is good to use it for highlighting the eyebrows and the waterline. But on my waterline it lasts only for 1-1.5 hours. I also found out that Wonder Pencil is not suitable for concealing blemishes and spots. It does not provide enough coverage and emphasizes dry patches.


I applied the pencil on my hand to show you a swatch. I would describe this color as light beige. When you blend the pencil, it looks natural and makes that area lighter. In the second picture, I blended it and circled that area. If you want the color to be more intense, apply several layers.



I use the pencil to define and highlight my eyebrows. Usually, I put it on the brow bone, but sometimes I also apply it on the top of the eyebrow. Then, I blend it with my finger. It stays on all day.

Wonder Pencil is great for using outside the lips to prevent the bleeding of lipstick. Just apply and blend it. I do not use it as a lip liner because it looks so light on my lips, and sometimes I cannot put the lipstick right on the top of the pencil. And I do not want some parts of the pencil to be visible. If you are looking for some lip liner that will work with almost every lipstick, try using one that is close to the color of your lips. NYX has a wide range of shades of lip liners.




The pencil does not stay all day on the waterline; otherwise, its quality is good.

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