Mac All that Glitters and Naked Lunch Eyeshadow Swatch Review

My review is about Mac All that Glitters and Naked Lunch Eyeshadow. I show photos and swatches. Eyeshadows are my favorite make-up product. They are so much fun. I can experiment with them and have lots of different looks. I think that good eyeshadows are supposed to be:

– Longlasting.

– Non-creasing.

– Good pigmented.

– Non-dusty.

I own several Mac eyeshadows and want to share my opinion about All that Glitters and Naked Lunch shades. I usually buy refills in Mac because it is cheaper. A refill costs just $6 compared to $16 for a regular shadow. Also, it is easier to store refills since I buy a compact for them. Compacts start at $5.


All that Glitters and Naked Lunch are made in Canada. There is 1.5 grams, so 1 gram of eyeshadow costa $4.8. They are pressed very well despite being a bit dusty. All that Glitters is veluxe pearl and Naked Lunch is frost. Both of them have shimmer.


I think that both eyeshadows are not well pigmented, and if I apply them with my brush there is barely any color. But I have found ways to make them look good:

  1. Apply the shadow with a finger so that there are several layers.

  2. Apply the shadow with a wet brush. That is what I usually do. It’s fast and easy, and the colors look really nice and bright. It also makes them non-dusty.

  3. Use an eyeshadow primer. It is another good option to make the shadows bright and long-lasting.

I have normal skin on my eyelids, and the shadows wear amazingly throughout the day. In the evening, they look exactly as they did in the morning. The colors stay bright, but I notice that some shimmer from All that Glitters gets underneath my eyes. Those particles are so small that they are nor very visible. Naked Lunch does not have this issue. I don’t know how the eyehadow will act on oily lids; I guess a primer would help.

Mac All that Glitters and Naked Lunch Eyeshadow Swatch Review

Mac All that Glitters and Naked Lunch Eyeshadow Swatch Review


All that Glitters is beige with gold shimmer. It is a very warm color. It even looks a bit orange. It is pigmented better compared to Naked Lunch.

Mac All that Glitters  Eyeshadow Swatch Review

Naked Lunch is silver-pink with shimmer. It is one of my favorite colors. I sometimes use it as a highlighter.

Mac Naked Lunch Eyeshadow Swatch Review

In this make-up, I used Haux from Mac for the crease and outer corner and Naked Lunch for the lid.

Both of the shades sparkle beautifully in the sun.


9/10 because they are not pigmented well. Otherwise, I am very happy with the shadows and will buy more from Mac.

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