Summer is a time for experiments with your style, and white jeans are the perfect piece to play with. They are special because they will make your outfit chic. Originally, blue jeans were worn by workers, so they are associated with practicality and utility, whereas white jeans are not that practical since the color gets dirty easily. So if you want to make your look more polished, you can replace blue jeans with white ones. In this post, I will share some ideas on how to wear white jeans in the summer.

How I Wear White Jeans

I made several looks with my pair of jeans. If you are interested in these jeans, I made a review about my skinny pair from Abercrombie and Fitch.

I also shared my ideas about how to wear light blue jeans.

I like how white jeans look with a gray t-shirt. I also added beige shoes, a white purse, and a silver bracelet to keep the outfit neutral and simplistic.

How to wear white jeans in the summer. They look great with a gray t-shirt.

For the second look, I choice a white t-shirt and gray cardigan. Since both the shirt and jeans are white, there is no contrast, and these two pieces make a vertical line. The cardigan frames it. It has a visual illusion and helps me look skinnier. It’s always a good trick to have your jeans and top be the same color. It can be any color: blue, beige, or black.

How to wear white jeans in the summer. Pair them with a white t-shirt and cardigan

I made my third look more fun by adding a red plaid shirt and blue sneakers.

How to wear white jeans in the summer. Wear them with a plaid shirt and sneakers

Finally, a striped blue and white t-shirt looks great with white jeans. To make my look more interesting, I’ve added a color accent – a red purse.

Imagine me wearing blue jeans instead of white—I feel like my outfits would be a bit boring in this case.

How to wear white jeans in the summer. Wear them with a striped t-shirt and colorful purse

How to Wear White Jeans

To give you more ideas about how to wear white jeans in the summer, I’ve created several looks. I purposely didn’t include jewelry because I want you guys to focus your attention on clothes, shoes, and purses and see how white jeans can be fit in various styles. I also used the same items in different looks as I want to show you how you can play with your clothes.

Plaid Shirt and Sneakers

It’s a comfy but not boring look. You can play with the colors of the shirt and shoes.

How to wear white jeans in the summer 1

Silk Cami

A pastel silk cami is such a delicate and feminine piece. It would look good with high-heeled sandals. Keep the colors neutral to emphasize softness.

How to wear white jeans in the summer 2

Boho Look

White jeans can be easily fit into boho style. Combine them with the embroidered top that has a folk vibe. Use shoes, a bag, and a belt in the same style. Notice that I choice suede booties with a stacked heel. It’s a small detail that makes a big difference. I also like how the colors beige and brown look with white jeans.

How to wear white jeans in the summer 3


This look is preppy and classic. It would be good for an office with a less strict dress code. Here, I used an oxford shirt with brown shoes and belt. They make your look more structured and serious.

How to wear white jeans in the summer 4


For the next two, I choice different vests. A gray shirt, white jeans, and red purse make a base for these looks. Shoes and vests determine the style of the outfits. So for the first set I used a structured beige vest, and this outfit looks classical. For the second one, I chose a jeans vest and comfy shoes. This outfit has a casual mood.

How to wear white jeans in the summer 5

How to wear white jeans in the summer 6

Printed Shirt

White jeans will look amazing with a printed shirt. Trendy platform sandals will be a good addition for this set.

How to wear white jeans in the summer 7

Black and White

Black and white are on the opposite sides of the color spectrum, and they have a high level of contrast. So you should be a bit more careful with this combination. If you want to wear black shoes with white jeans, it would be a good idea to support the color by adding black sunglasses and having black print on your purse.

How to wear white jeans in the summer 8

Open Shoulder Top

An open shoulder top is a trendy piece now. Add beige flat shoes to make your look more feminine. Pointed toes are a little detail that make your outfit sophisticated.

How to wear white jeans in the summer 9

Celebrate Femininity

You can create a ladylike look with white jeans. Use a silk or lace top and feminine purse. Flat shoes with cute bows would be a good add-on. I want to accentuate that I used items which have a ladylike vibe for this outfit, and that helps me to create the perfect combination with white jeans.

What do you guy think about white jeans? How do you wear them?

How to wear white jeans in the summer 10

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