I’ve recently purchased flat shoes from H&M. It’s my first pair of shoes from them. They were not expensive—just about $15, and I gave them a try. I got this pair of flat shoes.

H and M flat shoes review

H and M flat shoes review


My flat shoes are very cute. They are made of faux leather. This material looks and feels like velvet. It’s soft. The have beautiful deep blue color.

Generally speaking, they are comfy, but the soles are a bit thin. They are made of rubber and are flexible. The ground in my city is often wet, so I’d recommend buying shoes with thicker soles if you live in a similar climate. The shoes from H&M have a tiny heel, and I don’t feel it.

H and M flat shoes review



The flat shoes are good quality. The material is soft, but it’s better to be a little cautious when you wear them. I accidentally kicked a rock on the ground, and it scratched the shoes.

H and M flat shoes review

It’s difficult for me to find a comfy pair of shoes. And when I wore the flat shoes for the first two times, their edges gave me blisters around the big toes. They also rubbed my toes. Eventually, I was able to break them in, and now they are OK.

It’s better to wear the shoes when it’s sunny and dry. If it rains, the water gets into the shoes, and it doesn’t feel good. But if they get wet, they dry pretty fast and look the same.


My size is 7.5. And I bought size 7 from H&M. My feet are a bit narrow, so the width was good for me. The flat shoes have medium width and may be too narrow for people with wide feet.
Overall, I’d give them 7 out of 10. Their soles are too thin. I think that they will last just for one summer, but that’s OK for this cheap price. In the future, I may buy other shoes from H&M, but with thicker soles.

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