Cargo OneBase Concealer Review

Cargo OneBase Concealer Review

I have dark circles under my eyes. My skin is thin which makes the circles even more visible. So I need some good concealer to hide my little problem. My other requirements for concealer are that it has to be lightweight, moisturizing, and not obvious. It has to brighten the under-eye area. In addition, it is not supposed to settle into fine lines emphasizing them. So my list is quite long.

I read reviews and did research, and I found out that some makeup artists recommend OneBase concealer from Cargo Cosmetics. I purchased it and used it for several months, and now I want to give my opinion about it.

Cargo OneBase Concealer Review


OneBase concealer is quite interesting because it is not just a concealer; it’s also foundation. It differs from a regular concealer in that it’s big and in a special tube. There are 17 grams of the product, whereas other concealers are 3 grams. OneBase has a sponge applicator that is pretty regular for concealers. It is easy to use this wand since it’s small. One thing that I don’t like about its package is that the product accumulates around the edges and may stain other cosmetics in my makeup bag. I just wipe it once it gets dirty.

Cargo OneBase Concealer Review. Wand

Cargo OneBase Concealer Review. Wand

I have the lightest color of OneBase concealer; it’s shade 01, that is very fair with yellow undertone. I have very light skin with neutral undertone and prefer to have a concealer that has neutral undertone and is lighter, but Cargo doesn’t have this shade. They have 7 shades of this product, and 01 fits me best.

Cargo OneBase Concealer Review. 01 color

Cargo OneBase Concealer Swatch

Cargo concealer has a creamy texture and is lightweight. I don’t feel it when I have it under the eyes. It moisturizes the skin because it has vitamin E, avocado, and chamomile extracts. It gives medium coverage. I have taken photos of where I applied it on a eye-pencil mark. The pencil is barely visible, and the concealer matches my skin tone well.

Cargo OneBase Concealer Review. Swatch

My Experience

I usually wear the concealer only under the eyes, and it looks natural. It doesn’t settle into fine lines, and I do not need to use powder on the top of it. First, I apply a bit of moisturizing cream under the eyes, then a thin layer of foundation with my beauty blender. Finally, I apply several drops of the concealer and blend it with my ring finger. You can use a brush, but it’s very easy to blend it with your finger. Sometimes, I don’t put foundation under my eyes, and it doesn’t make a big difference.

OneBase concealer has a matte finish. On the one hand, it is not obvious and gives medium coverage. On the other hand, I feel that medium coverage is not enough for me, and my circles are still a little visible. Probably, I need a product with full coverage, but I really don’t want to use anything heavy everyday. I have tried other expensive concealers, for example Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. They also did not give me a perfect result. In addition, they settled into tiny wrinkles without powder.

Cargo OneBase Concealer Review

Cargo OneBase Concealer Review.

Sometimes I use OneBase to conceal redness on my cheeks and around the nose. It does the job well without settling into pores. However, it doesn’t mask pimples perfectly. Some redness is still visible, and the concealer may look yellow around a pimple.


OneBase concealer is a great product if you don’t have very dark circles. It is ideal for everyday use.


– Conceals under eye circles, medium coverage

– Masks redness on one’s face

– Moisturizes

– Lightweight

– Not obvious

– Perfect for everyday use

– No need to set it with powder

– Matte finish

– Easy to blend

– Doesn’t crease


– Pricey

– Doesn’t mask very dark circles

– Doesn’t brighten under-eye area

– Doesn’t mask pimples well


9/10. I like the product; it has many good features which I need from my concealer. I also want to try JetLag concealer from Cargo as it’s supposed to brighten the eye area.

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