Bobbi Brown Blush Swatch Nectar

I like to wear a bit of blush. It makes my face look fresh. I have two requirements for a blush. It’s supposed to be well-pigmented and long lasting. I’ve used a blush from Bobbi Brown in nectar color and would like to share my opinion.

This blush is pricey, so if you are looking for a cheaper alternative, I’ve already written about NYX Powder Blush.

Bobbi Brown Blush Swatch Nectar


The box of the blush is made of plastic. Its quality is good. Of course, it’s always possible to break it, but it looks more secure compared to cheaper products. For extra protection, the blush has a paper box. The package has a minimalist design.


There are 3.7 grams of the blush. It’s made in the USA. It does not say for how long after the date of opening it you can use the blush; I assume it is two years.


I’m very happy with the quality of Bobbi Brown blush. It is not dusty and has no smell. The color stays all day. The blush is well pigmented, so be careful when you apply it as you can accidently apply more than you want. If that happens, I use a cotton ball to remove excess blush. You can also use a clean brush to do so. It’s also easy to blend the blush.

Bobbi Brown Blush Swatch Nectar

Bobbi Brown Blush Swatch Nectar


I own Bobbi Brown blush in the color nectar. The Bobbi Brown website describes this color as โ€œpink coral.โ€ Indeed, it’s pink with a warm undertone.

The blush has no shimmer, and I love it. It looks especially good on tanned or darker skin.

I made swatches to show you this beautiful color of nectar. I applied a bit more blush on my cheeks to show you the color.

Bobbi Brown Blush Swatch Nectar


10/10. The blush is great. It’s well-pigmented and stays all day. In addition, Bobbi Brown has a wide range of matte colors.

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