Beauty blender vs Real Techniques Sponge comparison

At first I had Beauty Blender. When it started to wear out after some time, I decided to try something cheaper. Beauty Blender is pricey, and it’s recommend to change it every three months, so you can spend lots of money on it.

I’ve done research online about what can be used instead and what is as good as Beauty Blender. I read reviews and watched videos on youtube, and after all that I bought a sponge from Real Techniques.

I’ve compared sponges and here is the list.

For short, I’ll call beauty blender BB and Real Techniques RT.

Beauty Blender vs Real Techniques Sponge comparison

Beauty Blender vs Real Techniques Sponge: Review and Comparison



Both sponges are quite small. When dry, they are:

BB – 2.35 inch

RT – 2.4 inch

The sponges get bigger when you put them under water.

BB – 3 inch

RT – 2.75 inch

So beauty blender is a bit bigger when wet.

Beauty Blender. Review

Real Techniques sponge. Review


BB has bigger pores. I tried to take good photos to show the structure on the sponges.When both applicators are dry, they feel the same. And when you squeeze them, they return to their shape right away. Things change when you make them wet. When wet, BB still returns to its shape right away, but there is a different story with RT. It doesn’t return to its original shape that fast. It’s very soft, and it seams that it retains a lot of water. I have made a video where I show this.

Beauty Blender. Review

Real Techniques Sponge: Review

Makeup Application

I use sponges to apply foundation, and I do it in two different ways; it depends on my mood. Sometimes, I put a drop of foundation on my hand, dip the sponge in it, and then spread it all over my face with the sponge. The other way is when I put a drop of foundation on my finger, put little dots on my face, and then use the sponge to make everything even.

I really like to use BB. It puts a really thin layer of foundation. By thin, I mean that it’s three times thinner compared to what you get when you use your fingers. BB gives me even face tone. With the pointy end, it’s very easy to apply foundation around your eyes and nose. I enjoy using BB.

I’m not so happy with RT because, when wet, it doesn’t hold its shape well so that it’s more difficult to apply foundation around the eyes. RT feels wet, and the layer is not so thin compared to BB. Otherwise, it gives you an even tone.

How to Wash?

I don’t have BB cleaner and use a soap bar. It works OK. It’s a bit difficult to wash foundation out of BB. I tried dish-washing gel and got the same result. You may need to wash your BB twice to make it super clean. When you wash it, there is a lot of foam. So I squeeze the foam from it to get rid of stains.

Surprisingly, it’s much easier to wash RT. It takes one wash to clean it, but there is almost no foam. I took a photo of it, and there is barely any foam.

How I wash beauty blender

How I wash Real Techniques Sponge. Review

How Often to Wash?

I apply only foundation, so I just use half of the sponge and wash it every second time.

Time of Use

If you are careful, both sponges can last for more than three months. After two months of use and regular washes, small pieces started to come out of my BB, but it was still usable.


BB costs $20 and is expensive, but I think that it’s worth the price. RT is $6.9, which is more affordable.


The sponges are different: they are made of different materials and don’t feel the same. It’s more difficult to get the same result with RT because it doesn’t work well around the eyes and nose, and it feels wet. One thing I notice is that when it’s been drying for several hours, it feels and works more like BB.


BB – 10/10, will buy again.

RT – 6/10, won’t buy again.

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