Hi! We have decided to start MyFavLooks because we want to share our opinion about clothes and cosmetics. We shop online very often and do not have a chance to test or try on stuff, so we always do detailed research on the Internet to find any information about the item. Unfortunately, this is not always successful, and we end up having to return the item.

Sound familiar to you? Then join MyFavLooks. MyFavLooks is a web community where everyone can post a review about clothes and cosmetics. On MyFavLooks you can also tell about your style, show your outfits, and give a link to your web resource and other social accounts. This will help you to tell about yourself and promote your resources. If you have an idea about some interesting makeup, share it and write a tutorial on MyFavLooks.

Here, you will find fashion and beauty tips and tricks and can share your own secrets. On MyFavLooks we strongly believe that everyone can be fashionable and beautiful, and we want to know about your personal style.

You can also ask a question if you have any doubts regarding how to style a skirt or what color of eye shadow to use with lipstick. We will do our best to answer your question.

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